Mountfield has been a number one UK brand for over 50 years and our lawnmowers, lawn tractors and gardencare products all share a reputation for outstanding quality and reliability.

Mountfield began manufacturing rotary lawnmowers at premises in Maidenhead in 1962; the modern, high specification machines of today bear little resemblance to their ancestors but all share a common ethos of quality and value for money – which has helped to make Mountfield the UK’s No.1 for over 50 years.

Mountfield Heritage

Customers often write to tell us about their Mountfield mowers, some of which have been providing sterling service for almost as long as we have been in business.
For many, their Mountfield is like a reliable old friend, perhaps eased into semi-retirement assisted by a new acquisition, but greatly valued nonetheless.

Our Vision:


We design and manufacture products to make gardening as pleasurable an experince as possible for our customers.  We also want to make purchasing our products as straightforward and easy as we can for our customers.

We’ve maintained our position as the UK’s No.1 by continually developing our products. Our investment and innovation ensures they offer the best combination of performance and value for money.
For example, we launched our 1430M and 1430H garden tractors in 2012 – class-leading 84cm cutting width garden tractors featuring a twin-bladed deck for superior cutting and collecting performance.
No competitors offered an equivalent product in this class, with twin-bladed decks only available on much more expensive models.
These models quickly became the UK’s best selling tractors. Last year we launched more class-leading products; the 827 Compact Riders, offering exceptional features and value for money. This year we are pleased to be launching dedicated mulching and side discharge versions of these popular riders – the 727M and 727H.
We are also very pleased this year to launch the latest additions to our roller mower range -our new 42cm (16 inch) models.

We are proud of our heritage, our products and our vision for the future. We think gardening should be fun and rewarding – let a Mountfield do the hard work for you so you can relax, unwind and enjoy your garden.


Makers of the finest mowers

Our motto says it all. Here at Hayter, we constantly strive to produce premium quality lawn care products – as we have since 1946. Used by homeowners and professional contractors all over the UK, Hayter mowers are a pleasure to use and will serve you well for many years.

With a choice of electric and petrol products, there’s a Hayter mower suitable for most households.

Many significant mowers have emanated from the Hayter Headquarters in Spellbrook, a hamlet between Harlow and Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire.  Hayter still design and manufacture many products at their manufacturing plant there to this day.

The majority of our products are still painted in our traditional “British Racing Green” colours – making a Hayter mower instantly recognizable wherever you go.

Many Hayter mowers are of the “rear roller” type – enabling you to achieve that very British thing, a beautifully striped lawn.

“Quality is remembered long after the price paid is forgotten”. 
Customers consistently tell us how impressed they are both with the quality of performance, and the reliability and longevity of the Hayter product.

Hayter enjoys a remarkable degree of loyalty from its customers – we believe this is testament to the fact that Hayter equipment performs reliably and effectively over its lifetime.

So whether you’re striving for the perfect lawn, or you’re just looking to improve your mowing experience, we know you’ll be happy mowing with your Hayter for many, many years to come.



The DANARM name, synonymous with chainsaws, originated in 1941 when a designer named J.Clubley-Armstrong and the Stroud engineering Company T.H. & J. Daniels produced the first DANARM chainsaw.

The first saws were powered by Villiers 2-stroke engines, from 80cc up to 350cc. The larger models were capable of taking cutter bars up to 7ft in length. Many of the early saws were supplied to War Office specification for use in jungle battle areas.

Around 1954 the DANARM model DD8F Saw was introduced, incorporating the Villiers 98cc ‘8F’ 2-stroke engine. The saw weighed about 28lb and featured a diaphragm carburettor which enabled the saw to be used easily by one man at any angle. This model became famous worldwide. In the 1960’s and 1970’s DANARM developed their own 125cc, 110cc, 71cc and 55cc engines and later incorporated an anti-vibration system using coil springs. Saws became much lighter in weight as magnesium castings were used extensively for the larger components.

During the later years of manufacture, which ceased in 1984, the company became involved with many other products, including Cultivators, Brushcutters, Hedgetrimmers, Lawnmowers, Pumps and Generators as well as Chainsaws from TML, Pioneer and Komatsu Zenoah.

In 1991 the then owner of DANARM, Linton Park plc, planned to terminate the company. However, the present Managing Director who had been employed by T.H. & J. Daniels and DANARM since 1958 decided to continue the DANARM name. With Linton Park’s agreement DANARM MACHINERY commenced trading in 1992. Most of the present range of products are imported from the Japanese manufacturing company KAAZ Corporation with whom DANARM has a 30 year association.



Mitox is a British brand established in 2005 and has since become one of the fastest growing garden machinery brands, earning popularity with homeowners, landowners and professionals who recognise the outstanding quality and value for money that Mitox products deliver.

Mitox products are available throughout the UK and Ireland via a network of over 300 approved specialist dealers. Mitox approved dealers have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the correct product for your needs, and will also provide expert after-sales assistance when your machinery requires servicing. Mitox® dealers are supported by a comprehensive, industry leading spare parts service with all spare parts typically delivered within 24 hours.

The Mitox range of garden machinery continues to grow and now includes a quality selection of grass trimmers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, long reach hedge trimmers, multi-tools, pole pruners, chainsaws, log splitters and much more.

All Mitox products benefit from the latest technology in their design and manufacture, providing excellent ergonomics, outstanding performance, and efficiency. Engineered for durability, all Mitox products feature comprehensive homeowner warranties as standard. The Mitox PRO range features a 5 year homeowner and 3 year professional warranty.Mitox products aim to exceed customer expectations in providing reliable, ergonomic, value for money, powerful products, which continue to earn the Mitox brand an excellent reputation.